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Informo također provodi EPA-in program pod nazivom Professional Improvement Program u trajanju od 3 do 12 mjeseci. Program nudi mladim ljudima širom svijeta priliku da surađuju s profesionalcima na područjima savjetovanja i informiranja te steknu iskustvo u izradi i implementaciji EU projekata. Do sada su u navedenom programu sudjelovale 54 mlade osobe, uglavnom iz Europe, Afrike i Južne Amerike radeći na aktivnostima razvoja projekata koje financira EU, podizanju svijesti javnosti o mogućnostima razvoja i napredovanja i sl.

Želiš li unaprijediti svoja znanja i steći praktično iskustvo, saznaj više o samome programu!

European Projects Association introduced its Professional Improvement Program in 2009. The aim of the program is to offer a selected number of students and graduated employees the opportunity to improve their knowledge, integrating them within the International Staff at EPA Headquarters in Brussels, its Territorial Contact Points (TCPs) and partner organizations worldwide. The PIP Program is open not only to students, graduates and young employees but also to university and organization who would like to become our partner as a sending or hosting organization. For the organization member and TCPs, EPA provides the opportunity to host EPA Young Professionals that will give an added value by implementing their knowledge through the use of EPA methodology.

Professional Improvement Program is EPA's 3 to 12 months program that offers to young people from all over the world a chance to collaborate with professionals on the consulting and informing field and gather a practice in developing and implementation of EU projects. Till the September 2018 young people, mostly from Europe, Africa, and South America, used this opportunity by working on activities of developing projects founded by European Union, rising public knowledge about public awareness of the possibilities for development etc.

PIP's objectives:


to provide a framework in which graduate and post-graduate students and new employees from different academic backgrounds may be assigned to EPA Offices where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments


to provide EPA offices with the assistance of highly qualified students specialized in various professional fields


to provide interns with the opportunity to learn from the EPA community and get a better understanding and a more balanced view of the Organisation itself


to increase the understanding of EPA abroad through the sharing of the interns' direct experiences achieved through the Professional Improvement Program

What does the EPA offer?

Interns will benefit by experiencing an international organization from the inside while enriching their Curriculum Vitae. The call for applications is open the whole year. Internships will, generally, last 6 months and they are offered in the following areas





Project Development



You are eligible if you are student, recent graduate or young employee with over 18 at the time of starting the programme, at least 1 year of university studies or equivalent and working knowledge of English.

Application Instructions

In order to submit candidature of yours, you need to electronically submit the application form. If you are interested in doing a PIP at EPA or other EPA TCP as well as EPA partners, please fill the application form.

Apply now!

If you are a University interested in sending your students or graduates to EPA; an organization interested in sending graduates or young employees; an EPA TCP or an EPA Organization Member interested in hosting EPA Young Professionals please contact us.

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